9 February 2021

Driving energy and excitement for change at Sovereign Housing Association

Our very own Rhiannon Stroud and Olly Whitman took to the stage at 2019’s PR Week Strategic Internal Comms Conference to talk about using creativity to make change internal communications exciting and engaging.

When Sovereign Housing Association merged with Spectrum Housing Group in 2016, it wanted to ensure people were at the heart of that change. Using four key principles, Sovereign made sure that all employees felt involved and excited about the change. Sovereign embraced change well, through a compelling narrative, manager engagement and role modelling change to all of its people. And the narrative of ‘On Our Way’ demonstrates the ongoing journey  of change they were on. ‘Sofa, so good’, a Gogglebox-style TV show which gave employees a fun way to talk about how they felt about the changes has continued to evolve thanks to feedback from employees and Sovereign’s residents. The show is now into its fourth season and includes trades people as well as office-based employees.

Source – Diversity and Inclusion Conference

Why we love it

We loved working with Sovereign on this, and it’s great seeing how they’re continuing to embrace change and bring employees along on the transformational journey. The project has gone on to win awards for its innovation and use of VR and has been widely praised in the industry.

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