9 February 2021

Aviva creates a wellbeing strategy with impact

With over 20 years’ experience in driving employee engagement and culture change for organisations, Katherine Billingham-Mohamed from Aviva knows a thing or two about wellbeing in the workplace.

Creating Wellbeing@Aviva, a suite of products, advice and support to help people in the business stay healthy, and to look after them when they fall sick, has had a major impact on employee engagement at Aviva. 

Using data and insight from all levels of the organisation combined with a holistic approach, recognising that people are complex and engagement looks different for everyone, has resulted in a 14% increase on employee engagement and a wellbeing strategy built from honesty, openness and a bottom-up approach.

Source – Employee Engagement in Financial Services Conference

Why we love it

Genuine engagement has to involve employee insight; giving people a voice and input when creating a wellbeing strategy will help to make it authentic and effective. Aviva recognised the importance of getting views from ‘on the ground’, rather than creating the strategy for wellbeing in the boardroom.

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