9 February 2021

Asda builds resilience in its leaders

Craig Whaites, Head of Leadership and Learning at Asda, is on a quest to ensure that Asda’s leaders are the most capable, diverse and successful in their industry.

With the changing nature of retail making it harder than ever before to succeed, and political issues like Brexit causing shoppers to tighten their belts, Asda wants to continue saving its customers money and recruiting top talent in an increasingly competitive market. 

It’s a turbulent and chaotic time to be a leader and Craig’s team wanted to equip their people with the right skills to lead teams through change. They started with a ‘leader first’ approach, bringing them into changes early on and supporting them to implement new strategies. Craig’s team believes in empowering leaders to succeed and recognises that good leaders are instrumental in creating productive and engaged employees.

Source – Driving Change Conference

Why we love it

Craig’s session was funny and insightful, giving us a glimpse into the ever-changing world of retail giants. At McCann Synergy, we know how important leadership figures are in engaging employees, so love that Asda is taking this approach in their change communications.

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