9 February 2021

Creating impact at PlayStation Europe

PlayStation had a firm belief that impactful internal communications aren’t optional. In a crowded market place where people check their phones every 12 minutes, there’s a real danger of internal communications getting lost.

PlayStation needed to fight fire with fire, pushing out messages that matched up with the sleek look of its external channels. With an intranet that was wildly out-of-date, lacked structure and had limited functionality, it was time for an update. PlayStation created and launched a new intranet called The Hub, making it easy to share company news, update employees and measure engagement. The new platform was designed to be close to the sort of tech people use in their personal time to make it more engaging and something that employees actually wanted to use.

Source – Internal Communications Conference

Why we love it

Giving people innovative tech to keep up to date with company news improves employee engagement and makes sure that messages land well, with impact. PlayStation found that after launching the intranet, every measurement metric in their Employee Opinion Survey at least doubled, proving the value of good digital communications, both externally and to internal audiences. 

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