18 November 2021

Are you ready to redefine the employee experience?

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If you’re reading this blog no doubt you’re familiar with the business case for a strategic approach to employee engagement. But the pandemic has shone a light on employee experience like never before. With inclusion, wellbeing and career development becoming business imperatives in attracting and retaining the talent needed to grow a successful business. It’s no wonder that management consultancy Gallup reports that businesses with happier, more engaged employees see a 41% reduction in absenteeism and a 17% increase in employee productivity.

As we move into the future of work it’s time to #SAYNOTONORMAL. Your colleagues have never been normal, they are all unique and their needs, wants and desires are more complex now than ever before. That’s why in this final part of our No Normal thought leadership series, we’re focusing on what the employee experience can, and should, look like in our new world.

Expectations are changing

Human resources guru, Josh Bersin, says that today’s employees ‘expect a productive, engaging, enjoyable work experience’.  Sounds simple when you put it like that. But, achieving it for your people may be a bit more challenging and recent events have made it even more complicated.

A fractured workforce, colleagues wanting flexible and remote working, and the growing influence of Millennials and Gen Z. Employees are taking stock of everything that’s important to them – and many expect more from employers than ever before.

Let’s break it down.

  • Productivity 

Your people will feel productive if they can use their talents and skills where they’re most effective – and are free to explore the work that’s most rewarding to them. We’re not always good at identifying colleague strengths so effective talent management is crucial. And to get the best out of people, make sure their skills align with the purpose, value and strategy of your business.

  • Engagement

When you match someone’s strengths with the role you want them to do, it’s clear to everyone the value they bring. The colleague can take ownership of their role, feel engaged and know they’re having a personal impact. That on its own is a key motivator – positively influencing how colleagues view their work environment.

  • An enjoyable place to work

For a growing number of people, there’s an expectation that work should be enjoyable and meaningful. That’s why it’s so important to audit your employee experience to ensure it delivers against your employer brand commitments and company purpose. Even if you did this pre-pandemic, it’s time to look again, this time through the lens of a hybrid working culture offering purpose-led work.

Joining the dots

Today’s employees are looking for a much more personalised experience – and one that’s customised to how they like to accomplish tasks.  We think the key to creating a powerful employee experience is this. Rather than focusing narrowly on employee engagement and culture within the office, it’s time to develop an integrated approach. One that considers technology, environment, and culture. And one that can be delivered consistently to a more diverse and disparate audience.

Rethink. Relearn.

Maybe it’s time to think of your employees more like consumers – that’s the kind of experience they now expect. An experience that’s seamless, personalised and above all, somewhere they’re proud to work.

Crucially it’s important to make sure your managers are supported and equipped to handle this change. It’s about giving managers the time to get to know their team preferences so that they can personalise the experience they receive. 

Let us help

Let’s start a conversation around how we can help you redefine the employee experience within your organisation. Explore our Future of Work packages and see how they’re designed to help your people and your business thrive. #SAYNOTONORMAL with McCann Synergy.

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