11 June 2019

5 ways to save the planet from your desk

Climate change is a hot topic at the moment (literally) with citizens, organisations and governments around the world starting to realise the full extent of the issue.

It’s something we should all be aware of, at home and in the workplace. One of the newest creative additions to the team, James, has rounded up a few ways we can all be environmentally savvy from our own work spaces. 


Swap Google for Blackle

Switching to Blackle saves energy by using a black background which uses less light energy from your monitor. Blackle has been going since 2007 and at the time of writing Blackle has saved over 7,499,161 watt hours.


Get a mini whiteboard

I use post-its every day. They’re perfect for recording little reminders or ideas, but when you add them all up, that’s a lot of paper thrown away. Get yourself a mini whiteboard for your desk and record all your disposable musings time and time again.


Turn your monitor brightness down

A couple of notches down won’t do you any harm and could save a lot of energy.


Bring your own mug to work

Tea after tea, coffee after coffee, the office dishwasher is on most of the day. By using your own mug, it’ll only need a quick swill between brews, dodging the dishwasher, saving energy and water and avoiding arguments over whose loading technique is the best!


Make a desk garden

Bring some of the outside in and make your workspace feel green! Desk plants reduce carbon dioxide and airborne dust levels. Plus, they look great and are proven to help create a less stressful working environment. If you don’t aspire to be the next Monty Don, pick low maintenance cacti or succulents.


Thanks for the handy tips, James. If you’re interested in transforming your work space why not get in touch with our behavioural strategist Chloe, who can help organisations with all the little touches to foster good, productive working environments. Give her a shout

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