13 September 2019

13 top tips on employee engagement

We celebrated Synergy's 13th birthday this week!

To mark the day, Keri went around quizzing everyone on their top tips for employee engagement. Check out what everyone said: 

Gemma’s words of wisdom were about involvement and fun

Getting people involved and issuing fun challenges can be a brilliant way to engage people. And if you’re having fun, the rest becomes easy. 


Next up was Rich who encourages experience over innovation 

He believes we should all assume intelligence and avoid ‘dumbing’ down comms. People don’t want to be patronised by comms teams, so communicate with them on their level. 


Giles wants comms teams to treat internal campaigns in exactly the way they’d treat external ones

High creativity, an engaging concept that runs through the campaign, a multi-channel approach and lots of fun, relevant activation ideas will get your people really interested in what you’re saying and give you high engagement and brilliant results you can be proud of. 


Jodi’s advice is that good comms works everywhere 

If you learn how to communicate well at work you can take that home and use it in all of your relationships. 


Lucy’s point is to talk to your people to make them feel involved and able to take ownership 

Get out there and ask people what they think of the organisation and its direction. And it’s not just an employee opinion survey every 3 years, it’s about getting out there on the front line and asking for people’s thoughts.  


Jenni’s tip was to communicate what you know, even if it’s not that much

Change can be daunting for employees, so in periods of transformation, keep them updated even when you don’t have that much to say. People don’t like to feel kept in the dark, so keep them reassured and in the loop. 


Chris says to make sure you have a plan and know where you want to get to 

Instead of trying to do everything at once and overwhelming your people with comms, start small, prove it and then build out from there to get the best engagement results. Getting people on board sooner will make them advocates ongoing. 


Chloe struggled to pick just one tip but believes the ultimately it’s about treating people as humans

People want to feel trusted, respected, autonomous and have a sense of purpose at work. Communicating openly and honestly with them is the most effective way of engaging them. 


Nicky’s suggestion is to step into your employee’s shoes 

Getting away from your desks, listening to employees and understanding their standpoint can help you to engage with them effectively. 


Jess had some words of advice on including remote workers in your comms

Remember, it’s not just the people in the office that you see everyday, it’s also the people out there doing all sorts of jobs in various locations. Think about how you can reach the hard-to-reach with your communications. 


Will thinks social media can be a really engaging way of connecting with colleagues

Everyone’s on social media these days, so using it as an engagement tool can prove to be really effective. Have fun with video content and gifs to make your comms more interesting! 


James’s advice? Keep it simple

It’s important to say something new to keep people engaged. Or at the very least, say something old but in a new way. Remember you can avoid a ‘we’ve heard it all before culture’ by constantly asking your employees what they want and demonstrating changes that have been made as a result. 


Olly says to acknowledge the elephant in the room 

To engage your audience, acknowledge the issues that are meaningful to them. They may not be elephant-sized issues, but it’s important to start with the audience first, rather than an agenda. 


So there we have it, 13 top tips for employee engagement from Synergy HQ. One for every year we’ve been going! If you’re interested in hearing more from the team, get in touch. We’d love to chat!

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