1 June 2021

1 June 2021 – National Say Something Nice Day

National Say Something Nice Day

“With everything that the pandemic has thrown at us, you’ve been awesome!”

Today is National Say Something Nice Day. And, wow, is it needed in the world of work. According to a recent survey by the Workforce Institute, a third of employees would love more recognition in the workplace, while 70% say their motivation would improve if managers just said ‘thank you’ more often. So why not start today?

Get planning

Some managers are brilliant at day-to-day praise. For others, it’s easily forgotten with the day to day. So, make a plan. Build it into your weekly meetings, 1-1s, peer to peer appreciation and introduce the little things, the touches that you know go along way in the people experience.

Go public

From a quick ‘well done’ in a team meeting, to giving credit in front of clients, public recognition can be key in making people feel appreciated.

Learn about positive reinforcement

Want to help your people live your company values? According to psychologists, the positive reinforcement that praise provides can play a big role in shifting how employees behave.

Remember the little things

Recognition doesn’t have to be all about work. Make sure you have your team’s birthdays, work anniversaries and life moments marked in your calendar – use them as a way to make people feel valued.

Say thank you

It sounds simple enough, but with 60% of employees still working remotely, it’s easy to let this one slip. Give yourself a daily ‘thank you’ goal to create a habit.

What would work at your organisation?

Reward and recognition are critical elements within your people experience. How are these being brought to life and communicated right now? Are they re-enforced through the employee experience? Drop us a line to discuss.

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